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BOOK BLITZ w/DELETED SCENE - Between You and Me (The Wild Rose Press) by Lynn Turner

Between You and Me
(The Wild Rose Press)
by Lynn Turner
Publication date: September 20th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Love at first sight strikes Seattle Scientist Finnegan Kane at the worst possible moment, paralyzing him as he’s pitching his cutting-edge idea to powerful New York venture capitalist Emanuela Monroe…

Finn survived the crash that killed his parents when he was sixteen. Twenty years later, his smart devices are about to redefine what it means to be disabled.

Emanuela makes dreams come true for a living, but still longs to fulfill her own. Despite Finn’s stunning secret, she thinks his idea might be worth the risk…and he’s determined to show her that he is, too.


NetGalley REVEIW - Virtual Tour - Stars in Their Eyes by Pema Donyo

Stars in Their Eyes
by Pema Donyo
Publication Date: September 18th 2017
Crimson Romance
eBook; 120 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance

This beautifully sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts in the roaring twenties will captivate fans who loved the romance of the Oscar-winning film La La Land and Paula McLain's bestselling novel The Paris Wife.

The bohemian salons and wild cabarets of 1920s Paris are just the place for Owen Matthews to pursue his writing and make the right connections in the literary scene. But six years after leaving Los Angeles and the love of his life, he still strives for success. Penning a new screenplay for his friend’s film might just help keep the lights on a bit longer in the City of Lights.

Iris Wong is used to sacrifice and rejection as an Asian-American actress. She’s determined to take full advantage of her new leading role in a Parisian silent film—and the director’s romantic interest in her. Playing the game almost guarantees she’ll be able to break through the industry’s racism and become the silver screen star she’s dreamed of being since she earned her first nickel as a Hollywood extra.

When these two star-crossed lovers unexpectedly reunite, they get a second chance to reconcile their hearts’ desires with their dreams of fame and fortune. 

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SPOTLIGHT - Emily Knight by A. Bello

Emily Knight I am
by A. Bello
Release Date: June 1st  2017
Publisher: Hashtag Press
Genre: Tweens, YA, Fantasy Fiction

How does it feel to be different and misunderstood? And who cares? Emily Knight is young and famous, self-aware and intelligent. But what if the one thing that makes Emily different also makes her a target for evil? Can she defend herself...and everything she loves?

A.Bello breaks boundaries with this gritty and gripping fantasy novel.


Virtual Tour w/Guest Post - M/M Romance - The Boys of Brighton Series by M. Tasia

The Boys of Brighton Series
by M. Tasia
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: M/M Romance
The Book Junkie Reads…. GUEST POST from M. Tasia
Topic: What makes m/m romance so hot?

Typically, my MCs are strong men. Going on the journey of them opening up and showing real emotions, my fans - male and female – say is hot. As depicted in traditional romance, men have been reluctant to share and show their emotions. While I applaud those authors that have leveled the playing field and created female characters that aren’t interested in sharing, we have to acknowledge that the strong, silent type is still a draw. When you have two (or more) men equally unwilling to demonstrate how they feel, that tension makes finding their HEA that much sweeter.

I’ve asked my fans what drew them to m/m romance and the answers varied. Some have said reading about two men together is super hot, others have said they love the romantic dynamic between two men, which is different from the male/female dynamic. Others have told me that the storylines that involve alpha males draw them in because men relate to each other differently than they relate to women. Many of my readers have said they won’t return to m/f romances now that they’ve become hooked on m/m romances.

My fans represent every sexual orientation, and while they have preferences, ultimately their attraction to a book comes down to the story. Build a solid story with a strong romance, add a few hot men and a happy ending, what more could you ask for?

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BOOK BLITZ - I Stole His Car (Love at First Crime, #1) by Jessica FrancesXpresso Book Tours, Love at First Crime series, Jessica Frances

I Stole His Car
(Love at First Crime, #1)
by Jessica Frances
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
She stole his car, so he stole her heart…

I saw something I never should have seen.

I took something they wanted back.

I was desperate.



So, I did something I never would have normally done.

I stole a car.

Not just any car.

His car.

Now I have no choice but to trust him.

Only he can help me get out of this mess.

Then, when we both become hunted,
And when feelings begin to complicate things,
Can I still count on his protection?

Can I trust what is happening between us to be real?

Because, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

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BOOK BLITZ w/EXCERPT - Christmas at the Lake (Great Escapes, #2) by Charlotte Blake

Christmas at the Lake
(Great Escapes, #2)
by Charlotte Blake
Publication date: September 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Sometimes love gets forgotten …

Hugely successful Lexi Stuart is used to guys pursuing her, but for all the wrong reasons. Sure, she’s beautiful and rich, but the men in her life never seem to want anything more serious than just sex. It’s a stark reality she’s become used to.

As a code writer in Silicon Vally, Adam Hunt doesn’t have to worry about money. And as a heartthrob in general, he doesn’t need to worry about attracting women, either. But when he meets Lexi during a Christmas holiday in Lake Tahoe, he’s floored that she won’t give him the time of day after one wild night together.

Now, this sports bum is about to take Lexi on the ride of her life. All she needs to do is hang on!

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Escape To You (Montana Heat, #1) by Jennifer Ryan

Escape To You
Montana Heat, #1
by Jennifer Ryan
Publication Date: August 29th 2017
Publisher: Avon Romance
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
A Montana man always protects the woman he loves.

He discovered her during a Montana blizzard, freezing cold, impossibly vulnerable, a little boy by her side. Undercover DEA Agent Beck “Trigger” Cooke is astonished to recognize Ashley Swan—award-winning actress, famous beauty—and missing for over a year. To keep her and the child hidden from a sadistic madman, he secrets the pair away to his isolated home.

No longer a prisoner, and protected at Hope Ranch, Ashley recovers and learns the tall, tempting federal agent may have a dark past, but it hasn’t destroyed his sense of honor.

As they shed past roles and find common ground, Ashley and Trigger can’t help but fall slowly, carefully, in love. But danger still lurks outside the boundaries of Hope Ranch, for until her crazed captor is brought to justice, and Trigger’s undercover past is laid to rest, none of them will ever be truly safe…

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Dakota’s Delight: A SEALS’ FOR HIRE NOVEL (Heroes for Hire, #9) by Dale Mayer

Dakota's Delight
A SEALs of Honor Novel
Heroes of Honor, #9
by Dale Mayer
Publication Date: September 2017
Publisher: Valley Publishing Limited
Genres: Military, Suspense, Romance
Welcome to Dakota’s Delight, book 9 in Heroes for Hire, reconnecting readers with the unforgettable men from SEALs of Honor in a new series of action packed, page turning romantic suspense that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Dale Mayer.
When a young woman darts into traffic and into Dakota’s path, life takes a dark turn for both of them.

Bailey, recovering from the loss of her husband, retreated from life. Going to work and coming home was the extent of her days and weeks. Until she walks into work early one morning, witnesses a murder and flees into traffic, nearly getting killed.

The near death experience awakens the spark of life inside of her. So does the man in the car. A different kind of a spark.

For her safety, Dakota persuades her to move into the compound with him and the rest of the Legendary family while they track down the killers.

Bailey is forced to accept Dakota’s help. But can she stay safe long enough for the police to track down the killer? Or is the man who almost ran her over going to steal her heart?

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Love Will Always Remember (Shades of Love, #3) by Tracey Livesay

Love Will Always Remember
Shades of Love, #3
by Tracey Livesay
Publication Date: August 29th 2017
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
An accident changed Leighton Clarke’s life forever.

When she awakens from a coma, her childhood memories are intact but she possesses no memories of the past six years of her life. Terrified, anxious and disoriented, she’s only calmed by the presence of the gorgeous celebrity chef with compassionate brown eyes, the man who turns out to be her fiancée, Jonathan.

Jonathan Moran is tormented over his part in the deception that he’s Leighton’s fiancé. In truth, she’s engaged to his brother! Any day now, her memory is destined to return and she’ll remember it’s his fault she was injured. Meanwhile, the more time they spend together, the closer they become until Jonathan begins to wish the pretense of them being a couple was real.

And then Leighton’s memories come flooding back…

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NetGalley Review - The Real Thing (Sugar Lake, #1) by Melissa Foster

This sassy, spirited baker is fine with heat—but is her fake fiancé too hot to handle?
The Real Thing
Sugar Lake, #1
by Melissa Foster
Releasing September 5th 2017
This sassy, spirited baker is fine with heat—but is her fake fiancé too hot to handle?

Bakery owner Willow Dalton’s friendship with Zane Walker has always been a bit complicated. Now a scrumptiously hot A-list actor, Zane’s always had a reputation as player. He’s arrogant, and he’s definitely not boyfriend material. Sure, he did Willow a favor by agreeing to take her virginity before college, but is that reason enough to go along with a fake engagement a decade later—even if it comes with a real diamond ring?
Zane should have known better. Nothing involving Willow has ever been easy. Still, he knows her better than anyone, and becoming America’s hottest new leading man means cleaning up his reputation. An “engagement” to curvy, sass-mouthed Willow is the perfect PR move . . . provided no one gets hurt.

Now Zane and Willow’s little white lie has turned into an irresistible recipe for sweet temptation. And soon no one will be able to tell the difference between their fake engagement or the real thing—including them.

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SPOTLIGHT w/GUEST POST - YA Paranormal - The Accalia (The Accalia Series, #1) by H.L. Girton

The Accalia
The Accalia Series, #1
by H.L. Girton
Date of Publication: August 14th 2017
Cover Artist: SK Designs
Genre: YA Paranormal
Tagline: The truth hurts more than secrets and lies
After traveling the country with her aunt, Genesis Berkley finally feels like she is home. Settling in Tillamook, Oregon, she begins a new life and everything seems to be going smoothly. That is, until she runs into a mysterious young man.

The feelings that he awakens are unsettling, and soon, her simple, peaceful world shatters. Lies and secrets are revealed, and danger lurks in every corner.

Now, Genesis must discover if she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny. Will she learn to accept the truth before it is too late.

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SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - Hunt for Evil (ICE, #1) by Amy Jarecki

Hunt for Evil
ICE, #1
by Amy Jarecki
Date of Publication:  August 1st 2017
Cover Artist: Dar Albert
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tagline: Who knew battling international terrorism would lead to ravenous passion? 
When Navy SEAL Commander Logan Rodgers winds up on a botched mission in the Gulf of Oman, his quick action in saving MI6 asset, Olivia Hamilton, brings him to the attention of the international espionage arena.

Recruited by the mysterious and elite International Clandestine Enterprise (ICE), Logan faces Olivia again, but this time they’re on the same team. Sparks fly as the two compete in a clash between skill and keen intellect, until a French girl is kidnapped by a suspected terrorist.

Posing a married couple, steam erupts between the pair while Logan and Olivia dive deeper into an ISIS kidnapping ring. But when Olivia becomes the kidnapper’s next victim, she enters a madman’s hell. And as Logan races against time to save her, one thing ravages his soul. If he fails, the woman he loves will be lost to him forever.

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Audiobook Tour W/Guest Post - Demon Assassins: 3 Book Series by Ann Gimpel

Demon Assassins Series
by Ann Gimpel
Publisher: Dream Shadow Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Urban Fantasy Romance with a heaping side of Hexes, Spells, and Magick!

Three full-length urban fantasy romances, each with its own Happy Ever After.

These books are also available as individual titles in e-book and print format.

Listen to Hollie Jackson narrate a snippet right here!
Buy Links:

Audible    Amazon     iTunes

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BOOK BLITZ - The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan

The Boy I Hate
by Taylor Sullivan
Publication date: August 12th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Samantha Smiles and Renee Montgomery have been best friends for over a decade. They’ve shared laughs, secrets, and a mutual hatred for one person: Tristan Montgomery, Renee’s older brother. He was the guy every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be, and it wasn’t uncommon they’d befriend his little sister just to get closer to him. Which was exactly how Samantha became Renee’s saving grace. She was the only girl Renee could trust not to fall in love with her older brother.

Until the one night Samantha spent with him alone, leaving her questioning everything she’d ever known about the blond headed heart-throb.

Years later, Renee asks Samantha to be her maid of honor. With no other option, Samantha is forced to drive cross-country with the focus of their teenage ire.

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RELEASE BLAST - ONCE UPON A LADY (The Soul Mate Tree, #8) by Addie Jo Ryleigh

All it takes is Fate to entice him with the very thing he never wanted.
Once Upon a Lady
The Soul Mate Tree, #8
by Addie Jo Ryleigh
Releasing August 16th 2017
Soul Mate Publishing
BlurbRespectable Lady Katherine Baxton, striving to meet the requirements of her station, has become the ultimate dutiful daughter. And now, the Duke of Blackthorn’s betrothed. Far from a love match, Kate is nevertheless determined to do as expected and marry. That all changes the night she panics at her impending future and runs, stumbling upon a private grove, a mysterious tree. . . and a half-naked man.

The youngest son of a viscount widely thought to have purchased his title, Jackson Cooper demonstrates his disdain for the aristocracy by affording himself every luxury available—drinking, wenching, and gambling—while eschewing anything representing the ton. Jackson has little care for his reputation and no desire to marry. His escape from London is all but complete.

Until fate—in the form of a beautiful, mysterious lady—interrupts his plans, enticing him with the very thing he never wanted.

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